【6/6-7】Collaboration Dinner with Spanish Tapas bar “22 Ships” from Hong Kong

We will hold a Collaboration Dinner event for two nights only with Chef Antonio Oviedo from 22ships, Hong Kong.

Event Overview
DATE:Thursday, June 6 and Friday, June 7, 2024 Only Dinner
TIME:6pm - 10pm (Last entry 8pm)
ADRESS:8F Ginza Velvia-kan, 2-4-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

DINNER COURSE  22,000yen (inc. TAX) per person
WINE PAIRING 14,960yen (inc. TAX) per person

WEB MASIA - TableCheck
TEL 03-6263-0971
※This event only has 20 people per night spots available.

What is MASIA

MASIA in Catalan means a farmers’ family house in the countryside.
Owned by the same family for generations, many of them become restaurants over the years.
The dishes are totally based on traditional home cooking combined with modern techniques.
MASIA is a unique restaurant which Chef Mateu Villaret creates with his new concept and style.

What is MASIA

MASIA Identity

In MASIA we want to bring diners the authentic flavours of Spain with deep ties to Catalonia.
MASIA specializes in Catalan and Spanish ingredients as well as the best seasonal produce of Japanese resources.
Chef Mateu Villaret’s philosophy is Catalan roots, Spanish soul and Japanese produce.





2 appetizers, Starter, Fideua, Fish,
Pre-Dessert, Dessert



2 appetizers, Starter, Fideua, Fish, Meat
Pre-Dessert, Dessert


Mar y Montanya

4 Appetizers, 2 Starter, Fish, Rice, Meat,
Pre-Dessert, Dessert, Mignardise


Mar y Montanya

4 Appetizers, 2 Starter, Fish, Rice, Meat,
Pre-Dessert, Dessert, Mignardise


Paisatges de Catalunya

4 Appetizers, 4 Starter, Fish, Rice, Meat,
Pre-Dessert, Dessert, Mignardise

Prices including TAX




Born in Calella, Barcelona, in 1985

Mateu grew up with the great nature of Catalonia, surrounded by mountains and the sea. Since his childhood, he was curious about the food he ate at home, cooked by mum, from La Mancha (Madrid), and by dad, from Catalonia and by grandma, from Andalucia.
It was natural that he chose his life to become a chef, sharing the beauty of the local cuisine with guests.
He worked in top famous restaurants in Spain, Holland, Singapore.
Then he got a chance to work in Hajime, in Osaka, one of the top gastronomic restaurants with Michelin 3 stars, which allowed him to get another chance to be the chef of the Catalan restaurant Maspi, also in Osaka.
With its unique style of cuisine, Maspi's fame quickly spread, not only in Osaka but all over Japan.
In 2022, he finally opened his own restaurant, MASIA, in Ginza, Tokyo.